What are IT Technologies?

IT Technologies

is a common term given to all supports to analysis, design, development, execution and management of all computer based intelligent systems, particularly software applications and hardware.
For example the phone is an example of IT technology. TV, computer and more.

What are IT Technologies?

Can you find what you are looking for?


Technology gadgets that you are looking for are almost everywhere. Products like cell phone, computer or TV are available in every electronic and technologic store.
Well, what do you do when you can’t find particular IT technology product or any information despite of affordable conditions?

Can you find what you are looking for?

Of course we have the solution…

Halerkap Computer&Information Technologies

We will provide you with the best solution in this sector when you are in need but can’t reach results. We don’t sell product, we afford assistance.

Of course we have the solution…

Who we are?

Who is your solution partner? We would like to inform you about our Mission, Vision, Quality Policy and our company…

Our Vision


Our Vision

Today IT technologies are one of the most important needs of life. In this regard we are helping to our customers under the motto “Do Not Fall Behind From Technology” to meet their needs in most accurate and best way.

Our Mission


Our Mission

To reach a peak in computer and IT technologies on a world scale, and create a sector which will be used by entire world to meet its IT technology needs.
At the same time we wish to provide the most accurate service with the same goal to every industry through investments in various sectors.

Our Quality Policy


Our Quality Policy

  • Based upon the philosophy of quality, reviewing customer’s needs through self-evaluation process and provide our services in best possible way.
  • We aim to make our products and services that we provide better and of more quality in line with the continuous research and improvement approaches.
  • To determine the missing and incorrect aspects of customers need and fulfill their needs with 100% satisfaction.

About Us

The decision to establish Halerkap Computer & IT Technologies was made by Haluk ERTURK on 24.02.2014 with an aim to break the thoughts of impossibility despite of known fact of great potential presented by today’s technologies. About 3 month after this decision on 08.05.2014 Halerkap Computer & IT Technologies was officially established. We provided a solution and keeping to provide it to our customers’ needs who before that have received from some other companies answers such as “It’s impractible”, “It’s impossible”, “It’s possible but we can’t do it”. We don’t accept the answer impossible and we keep bringing solutions to many projects. We keep going with the policy of “Something that seems impossible will be impossible untill you start working on it” and with our motto “Do Not Fall Behind From Technology”.


Our Services

Why everyone drinks nescafe? Why not just drink coffee? While A company good in production of coffee, B company in milk, C company in sugar, why company D is good in making 3 in 1? Whys never end… Let’s see what we do…

Special IT Projects

Special IT Projects

As we discussed from the beginning of your visit to our website, technology has now become perfect. Now you can find all IT technologies in all technology markets. But despite that world has such an advanced technologies, there are lots of thing that we can’t find or even those which you get surprised when hear that they already exist. As a company we believe that nothing is impossible. Let’s go back to 10 year ago. Could we imagine that computers and internet will be in our mobile phones? Well, does anyone remember Ericsson A-1018 or Nokia 5110? The most fashionable mobile phone of 2000’s. We provide you with solutions for your projects or for those that you can’t reach. As National Lottery says, don’t say can’t win, it’s impossible.

Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems

Life is a time worth to live. But sometimes things won’t go as we planned. Sometimes threats, sometimes burglary. Or you have important office or some valuable machinery. And when you leave to somewhere you might be always questioning “I wonder what is happening at my office, are machinery working?”. You know from the history when sultan executed his son because of a suspicion. The security cameras are examples of modern technologies. This technology can wipe away these questions and suspicions. With their option to record and monitor remotely everything that valuable to you is close as your mobile phone. Halerkap Computer & IT Technologies is ready to assist here as well.

Corporate Computers Maintenance Services

Corporate Computers Maintenance Services

As it is known, computers after being used for a while start giving errors and became slower. Like humans who need periodic check-ups at doctors, computers also need to be go under control. Therefore our company provides maintenance services for every computer starting from their software, hardware up to cooling fans. We provide on-site services to companies which need immediate response so they don’t lose much from their valuable time. Your company has to have minimum of 8 computer to able to receive this service. Our team will be visiting your company every month to carry out detailed inspection.


Web Design Systems

Web Design Systems

Websites are like our real houses, work places and entertaining centers in virtual world. For example let’s think about an entertainment center. What would you wish to see in it? Game? Music? Chat? Or let’s think of workplace. Goods on stands? Prices? Orders? Visuality? This are the places on websites and only in virtual world. Nowadays instead of walking door by door of these facilities in real world, it’s reasonable and easier to surf online. For example you are in Eskisehir. What is your possibility to visit a store which is located in Istanbul? Cost? Time? Why Istanbul? The one way to attract a customer to your store is advertisement and another way is visualization. Lighting, entrance door, stand designs and etc. We are your designers in virtual world as it was a real designer service of decoration in real world for your workplace or home.

Remote Assistance Systems

Remote Assistance Systems

Most of the time your computer may have software problems rather than hardware problems. And these errors have to fixed immediately, especially when you are busy. It make take hours while technician can get there and fix the problem. In this case you have to take your computer for repair. But you don’t have time. Here our remote assistance service is activated. Some problems occurred in your computer while you were working? Right after you call us, we intervene immediately. And you can keep working without time loss.

To use this service you must be a member to our system.

IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy Services

Technology is moving forward so fast that it’s becoming impossible to follow up. Nowadays people’s need for IT technology is same as for food. You are going to buy a computer. But kind of options it should have? You are opening an office. What kind of technology you need for your office? We provide to you special IT consultancy on these topics. You can’t follow everything. But you can get a support.

  • Special IT Projects

    Special IT


  • Security Camera Systems

    Security Camera


  • Corporate Computers Maintenance Services

    Corporate Computers

    Maintenance Services

  • Web Design Systems

    Web Design


  • Remote Assistance Systems

    Remote Assistance


  • IT Consultancy Services

    IT Consultancy


Our references

Due to the information privacy we can’t publish some of our references.

Web Design and Advertising Services
Website Design:malkocdanismanlik.com
Special Design of personnel’s cards


Security Camera Systems
Camera Systems for Monitoring
Power Plants


Web Design and IT Consultancy
Web Site design: uyarotomotiv.com
IT Consultancy


Project: IP Security Camera Systems
47 camera system inside of the factory, outside territory and offices


Project: Security Camera Systems
Plate scanning and long distance motion zoom Camera Systems for the village


Project: Security Camera Systems
Security Camera System in 160,000 m2 Solar Energy Plant


Project: Special IT Projects
Camera System able to work in high temperature environment (1000°C) (Toproll)


Security Camera System
AHD Camera System
IT Consultancy Service


"For us there is no distinction between city and country. Your Desire is Enough"

Our Websites

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Computer and IT Technologies


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Security Camera Systems


Here you will find all detailed information and prices on security camera systems that will meet your needs

Solar Energy Systems


Here you will find all detailed information and prices on solar energy systems that will meet your needs


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