4.5G Speed Test

You are using on mobile phones We tested the 4.5G connection speed for you...

We have tested for you 4.5G connection speed that you are using in your mobile phones.

While we were talking about 2G and 3G connection types in our mobile phones, we recently were introduced with 4.5G connection that speeded up our lives and its internet speed.

Today almost every house or workplace has fiber or at least adsl service. Back in past days when we used to connect with 56K, today it became and ADSL connection and its speed increased to 8 Mbps, 16 Mbps and maximum of 24 Mbps.

Well, what is the speed of 4.5G connection that we use in our mobile phones?

We wondered and tested it for you.

Adsl connection’s speed that we use at home is maximum 24Mbps when downloading and maximum upload speed is 3 Mbps.

But the results that we got after testing the connection speed of our mobile phones, we can say that it’s great. While normal download speed in 4.5G connection reached 70.1 Mbps, upload speed is same as download speed of Adsl connection. Upload speed of 4.5G connection is exactly 19.5 Mbps.

(These speed values can vary depending on operator and regional conditions).

4.5G Speed Test